The circle also represents wholeness of self, connectedness, completion and eternity – indeed it represents the cycle of life itself.

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The Pleiadians

The Pleiades is a small cluster of seven stars within the larger constellation of Taurus.  According to ancient legends, the stars are daughters and sisters of Atlas.  This amazing cluster of stars could be seen together with Venus in the night sky in early April.  The best of these conjunctions, with Venus just ¼ degree […]

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Conscious Connection

ll those ways of connecting with people we have available, are now more valuable than ever. The main choice we have at the moment is not whether or not we can connect, but rather, who we actually want to connect with

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Strange Times

So, how are you using this time? Are you lamenting what was, or are you celebrating the now and looking forth with gratitude to your new way of being?

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Tarot & Astrology

I find the tarot absolutely fascinating and the associations of the cards with Seasons, Sun signs, Elements and Numerology adds so much depth to your experience with the Tarot

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